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Application: Sameri

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:57 pm
by Sameri
Name: Sameri
Agree to follow our rules: Yes please!
Comments: ((I have no idea whether to do in character or out of character so Imma do both, sorry in advance!))
As Sameri's Character: Hi! I'm a writer, just refer to me by my character name though I go by something else usually. XD I'm getting back into the game, it's been a while, and goodness gracious it's amazing so far! Just...I completely forgot that I did a lot of stuff on my own and got a lot of first aid kits. Whoops. xD But yeah, I'm a writer, just looking for fun, but I saw this group and couldn't help but be interested! Since, uh...I've been doing things alone for so long it got boring and I left for a time. But yeah, I want to help out, this group seems awesome! Also it's been so long I forgot what my character is like...whoops. I think I made myself blind when I first did this? Uh...yeah. Sorry for the cringe. And sticking to said cringe but if you don't want me to do the cringe I can adjust. xD Anyway, if I manage to get in I hope we can get along!

As Sameri: (The following seems to be completely written in braille, clearly punctured the wrong way to read but oh well.) Hello? Is anyone out there? If someone is reading's been years...I lost my voice and already sight isn't...gah, this is awkward. I don't know what to do, I've been surviving but I've been so far from my safe house just wandering around fell into disrepair. I fixed it, as much as I could, and made it a safe haven. But...I'm honestly lonely. I want to help. But I haven't met anyone in so long...I don't know what to do... Please, if anyone's out there, give me a sign. I'm so lonely and it's really taking a toll on me. I don't want to be a zombie...but I'm about ready to just sleep for a long time again. How am I even not bitten since...? I don't know. I'm sorry, this got angsty. But if anyone's out there...find me at St. Dismas's Hospital. Roywood. I'm waiting there right now. If anyone can find me...I'm scattering these to the four winds. Just these notes...a desperate plea. Haha. Anyway, someone find me, if you can...

Re: Application: Sameri

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:34 pm
by Frank Burn
Hello Sameri, welcome to our forum. Great to see that you want to join! Going solo is fine and all but I think that most of us run into a wall sooner or later when we get bored of the same stuff over and over again. Going at it as a group is obviously the same stuff also but the interaction with others help make it at least feel somewhat fresh :D

Anyway, everything seems to be in order so feel free to add "Soldiers of Crossman" to your group tag. Once you've done that, then give me a heads-up here and I'll look into getting you the right access.

As for role playing, we're fine with both those who want to do so and those who do not, as long as our goals are the same. So for you're roleplaying part of the message:
Frank moves slowly through the dark Bank, fully aware that he shares the building with a human enemy of the SoC
-Damn! Why do I always end up in the same building as this guy?! And for the love of god, why must it be in a dark one! I probably should get outside to check my stuff before doing anything.
He slips outside for a moment to checks his equipment
-Right, I seem to have enough firepower to be able to kill this guy... but a shootout in the dark? What a waste of resources.
Right before going back inside a note gets stuck on his shoulder
-Windy today... hopefully the zeds won't notice my sme... wait a minute... there's actually a message on this piece of paper. Hm, St. Dismas in Roywood huh? Windy indeed...
Frank takes his finger of the trigger and holsters his gun, he decides to not enter the Bank again and instead starts moving west
-Right, here we are, St. Dismas's Hospital. It sure has been awhile hasn't it. The place looks pretty overrun though, hopefully our friend is still alive.
Frank enters the hospital, the building looks thrashed and there's a lone zombie roaming the corridors
-Are you the guy I'm looking for?
The zombie notices him and starts to follow while Frank keeps calmly moving through the building
-I hope not, that would have made my detour pretty unnecessary right?
The zombie keeps following Frank withouth saying a word
-Right, you are one of those zeds that don't talk so much aren't you? Nevermind, you don't have to answer. Hello?! Is anyone here?! I saw your note!
No response
Well, I really hope that you aren't the person who wrote this... and in-case you aren't then I'll just leave this here.
Frank doodles down some words on the backside of the note and puts it up one the notice board in the lobby
Well, I have to go. It was nice talking to you. Oh, and if the person behind that note drops by, please point at that note? Ok?
He nods towards the zombie as he walks out of the Hospital again
I hope our friend sees it...
The note says: We at the Soldiers of Crossman have seen your plea. If it is a brotherhood you seek, then head over to Darvall Heights / Frank Burn

Re: Application: Sameri

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 5:53 pm
by Sameri
Alright, just added the group name! And thanks so much, I'll go for sure!

Sameri fumbled around blindly in the ruined building of St. Dismas's Hospital, feeling around with a panic for some sort of purchase. God, how did that zombie break the barrier? That was not good, they needed to find more first aids in case they were going to be attacked and- Their hand found a scrap of paper and they blinked when they realized the written note was...pushed in. The letters were slightly pushed in due to the hard material used to write...What did it say? Hiding behind an upturned table, they tried to make out the letter's, their cloudy eyes squeezed shut as they tried to make out the indents in the note. Soldiers...plea- no, there was some more words. Agh, can't read... they thought to themselves as they tried to make sense of it. A few minutes passed and tears started splattering the paper as they began to weep. Someone heard? not alone? I have to go meet them, where-? The sound of groaning jolted them from their tears and they quickly wiped their eyes before stuffing the note into the sleeves of their straitjacket. I have to go, where's that exit- oh god dammit it's near I can hear you you freaking-! They fumbled around as they got out the axe they kept on their person and held it out, backing up as they tried to listen for the zombie. They didn't realize that they had backed into an open faced part of the building and their feet slipped, sending them tumbling down the building. Their world went black.

((The part about me being not unconscious after falling out of the building by accident actually did happen LMAO! I was trying to go to the next area when it said that I fell out the building and I was like "What." It was pretty funny, but I fell asleep after that XD))

Re: Application: Sameri

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:47 pm
by Frank Burn
Ah yes, I've set you up with access to our members area here on the forum. The forum is rather quiet these days so I would recommend that you join us on our Discord. You will find it in the Vanguard part of the forum. I think it's the first thread in there. If you join the Discord then just mention it to us there and we'll give you access to the right areas there also. With that said, welcome to the Soldiers of Crossman!

Oh my reply was actually my actions in-game. I was in a bank with a PKer that we've been hunting lately when I saw your application. I thought it would be fun to actually check in on you at Dismas but since you weren't there (I only saw a zed there) I decided to write that here instead.

Re: Application: Sameri

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:32 am
by Sameri
Oh yeah, that zombie wasn't me, I was alive LOL. Anyway, thanks so much!

Re: Application: Sameri

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 2:41 am
by Millhouser
That my friends, was pretty damn clever