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PLEASE READ: Before you apply to become a member...

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2009 12:32 am
by Aichon
Before applying to become a member of the Soldiers of Crossman, we kindly request that you make sure you understand what you're getting into. Please go review the information about us, and pay particular attention to the expectations we have for our members. Also be aware of the fact that we're a patient group, and we like having people that are willing to stick it out. You may be a new recruit for awhile.

Once you've done all of those, you're ready to apply. To do so, simply make a new topic with your character's name as the subject, then copy/paste the following code. Remove the all-caps stuff and fill it in with the appropriate answers.

Code: Select all

[b]Agree to follow [url=]our rules[/url]:[/b] YES_OR_NO
[b]Comments:[/b] OPTIONAL_COMMENTS
If you've done it correctly, it should look something like this:
Name: Orison Flynt
Agree to follow our rules: Yes
Comments: I've been following your group for the last few weeks after one of your members helped me in Yagoton, and think I'd really like to join. Thanks!
Welcome to the Soldiers of Crossman!