About the Soldiers of Crossman

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About the Soldiers of Crossman

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Here's some basic information about the Soldiers of Crossman (SoC) and what we stand for. If you're not sure if you're a good fit for our group, this is the place to start.

Who we are
The Soldiers of Crossman is a tightly-knit crew — a brotherhood — of diverse individuals. We operate primarily in the Northwest of Malton, with an overarching goal of unifying the Northwest under one banner in order to keep it safe while fighting the good fight. We put loyalty and dedication above all, and regularly defend our own in battle and elsewhere. Due to an active and intelligent member base, the SoC has a broad reach over activities in the Northwest, with members of the group regularly patrolling and engaged in a number of suburbs.

What we are like
When we're working, we like to work hard, but if you're looking for a hardcore group with a multitude of coordinated strike teams and rigid activity requirements, that's not us. Our members can come and go as they please (and they do), but we almost always have a mission that our members are welcome to join. We have a variety of ways to be involved in those missions, whether it be as a casual soldier or as a dedicated specialist, and we also actively encourage and support our members who have interesting ideas to coordinate with one another and put them into practice. In between missions, we like to kick back at Crossman PD, pull out a few of our favorite tunes, and crack open a case or two of our favorite drinks.

What we do
The Soldiers of Crossman focus primarily on helping those who are incapable of helping themselves. Towards that goal, we focus on reclaiming suburbs that have been lost, more so than defending any specific suburb against day-to-day attacks. As a result, we are almost always on the move to the next destination as soon as we get our current one secured. We do have a few suburbs that we consider our preferred stomping grounds though, and Darvall Heights will always be our home. It's the heart of the Northwest, which we've vowed to defend.

What's expected of our members
The Soldiers of Crossman holds its members to a higher standard. To quickly run through a few basic expectations:
  • 1. Be active. While real life is always more important than a game, we still expect you to be active, both in the game and on the forum. Check each on a daily basis when you can. It only takes a few minutes.

    2. Be smart. We're not looking to churn out trenchcoat-toting, machine gun-laden killing machines. We want smart soldiers who can follow orders and can spend their AP wisely. Coordinated efforts break down when members fail to use their resources efficiently.

    3. No zerging. Kevan gave us a big game with only one real rule. If you have an alt, they cannot be in SoC, they cannot follow SoC, they cannot work with or for SoC, they cannot support SoC, and they cannot share information with SoC. Keep them away.

    4. Be civil. Members of the SoC act as its representatives in the game. We expect our members to act with civility towards both our allies and our enemies, and to always remember that there is a person behind each character in the game.

    5. Don't PK. We'll tell you who to PK and when it's okay. As a general rule, it's not okay. Don't do it.
Where we came from
The Soldiers of Crossman began in early 2009 as the result of a merger between two historical Maltonian groups: the Crossman Defense Force (CDF) and the Liberation of Crossman Department (LCD), both based out of Darvall Heights. The two groups, once enemies, finally set aside their differences and became a better whole. Since then, the SoC has exceeded both the numbers and strength of the CDF and LCD, and has broadened its reach to cover the entire Northwest, rather than just the area surrounding Darvall Heights.
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